Loma Prieta Paddlers (LPP) is a whitewater kayaking club, based in the South Bay and beyond.  If you are new to kayaking, new to the area or are just  looking for a group of fellow paddlers; check us out.

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Mokelumne River: Electra Powerhouse to below Highway 49 bridge

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Class II+ Gradient 24'/Mile
Season Year round, from dam release Elevation 670'
River Miles 3.2 Miles from SF ???
Put-In Pool near Electra Picnic Area, 670' Take-Out Rock outcropping on left above warning sign, 593'

24 Hour Flow

What do the numbers on the chart mean?
450-1500 CFS= Normal flows for Class II+.

1500-3000 CFS= Portions of the run become Class III.

Above 3000 CFS= Brushy.

About The River...
[Descriptions from California Creek'in]

This might be the best training run in California, partly because of reliable summertime flows, and also because the rapids increase in difficulty as the run progresses, allowing boaters to build up confidence. There is one of almost everything on this run: some shallow boulder bars, long stretches of riffles, a wrap-rock goalpost, a turbulent chute, an S turn, a bridge piling, a rock dodging channel, a sweeping turn, and finally, a steep falls into an underwater rock (scouting advised).

Most people do this run at least twice in a day. Prevail upon your friends who drive pickup trucks or cars with good roof-top racks, so you can load your boats for a quick shuttle without deflating and reinflating.

Camping and cultural enrichment are available nearby at Indian Grinding Rock State Park, where native Americans practiced free trade before economists even thought about it. At one time this was the largest acorn paste factory in America. During the fall, weather is nice and campsites are less crowded than in summertime.

Beginners should stay off this river at high flows, when current goes into and thru riverside trees, making rescue difficult and swimming dangerous. At such times, there are many other good river choices.

0 Rig your boats in the shade and carry them across the sandy beach to the cold river. A calm pool gives beginners an opportunity to get used to their boat's handling characteristics.
.1 Wide and shallow boulder bar. Looking down at the varied rockbed sometimes makes you feel like you are flying.
.6 Goalpost move between two wrap rocks, after a long chute beside some willow trees.
1.3 The Slot, class II
The river funnels into a narrow chute with swift current and big waves at the bottom.
2.6 S Turn, class II+
The river drops over a gravel bar, collects to the left, passes several rocks (or holes at higher flows), then turns sharp right against a rock outcropping. Good surfing waves below. Some people take out right below to simplify their multi-run shuttles.
2.7 Bridge Piling, class II+
Almost immediately the river turns right and flows past an old concrete bridge piling, which creates lots of turbulence that is easily avoidable, although you may not think so initially, on the right. Swift water in a narrow channel continues to the bridge.
2.9 River crosses under highway 49 bridge. Action soon increases.
3.0 Sweeping Left Turn, class II+
The river turns left among big rocks, past a cliff on the right, and into some big waves.
3.1 Pin the Hardshell, AKA Devil's Toiletbowl, class III-, scout left
This is rated class III- because the drop is about 1 meter high, the international standard for making a class II/III distinction. In a hardshell kayak this rapid could be quite painful if you struck the underwater rock. But in an inflatable the drop is quite safe and straightforward. Depending on flows, you might want to slant a bit towards the right.
3.2 Carry your boats back up a trail on the left bank to highway 49. A sign warns you that boating below this point is illegal. It might not say that violators are subject to a $500 fine. This is part of EBMUD's continuing attempt to flood this section by raising Pardee Reservoir or by building a new hydro project. Anonymous constitutionalists report that the river soon tapers off to class II- with superb scenery and abundant wildlife.

To reach take-out on highway 49, drive south almost 5 miles from Jackson, or north more than 3 miles from Mokelumne Hill, until you reach the bridge at the bottom of the hill. From Jackson, Electra Road is a sharp left turn just before the bridge. There is very little parking along highway 49.

To reach put-in from there, drive up the river on one-lane Electra Road, paying close attention to oncoming traffic. The Electra picnic area, with crowded parking, outhouses, and Cops-like personnel, is 3 miles away. There have been frequent reports of vehicle break-ins and stolen materials (especially beer). One good idea is to designate rotating shuttle drivers.