Loma Prieta Paddlers (LPP) is a whitewater kayaking club, based in the South Bay and beyond.  If you are new to kayaking, new to the area or are just  looking for a group of fellow paddlers; check us out.

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River First-Aid Kit

Build Your Own River First-Aid Kit

If you already have a river first-aid kit or want to build your own, use the lists here. Or adapt a commercial paddling first-aid kit.


(LPP recommends that each participant carry these items.)

duct tape
barrier gloves (nitrile rather than latex)
double antibiotic ointment
strip adhesive bandages (Band-aids®)
wound closure strips
  (Steri-strips or butterfly bandages)
knuckle and fingertip bandages
waterproof matches or butane lighter
flashlight (such as with tiny LED)
resealable plastic bags

Note: You might want to group like items in resealable plastic bags. Then put those bags into a dry bag. Many people find that having a dry bag dedicated to first aid works better than keeping first aid in the same dry bag with lunch and other items.


(LPP first-aid rules require that each trip leader carry these items.)

every item on the Participant list, plus:
LPP Safety Management Plan for specific run
Patient Report and pencil
CPR Microshield ®
emergency space blanket
oral glucose gel (Jello® )
antimicrobial handwipes
providone iodine solution (Betadine®)
EMT scissors (or river knife)
tincture of benzoin
4 x 4 non-stick gauze pads (4 or more)
gauze roller bandages (Kling®)
1-inch cloth or surgical tape
diphenhydramine (Benadryl®)
forceps or tweezers
Ibuprofin (Motrin)
triangular bandage/cravats
safety pins (4 large; or diaper pins)
Sierra Club Incident Report forms
 (in takeout bag; not needed on river)


(LPP recommends that each trip leader also carry these items.)

every item on the Participant and Requirements list, plus:
first-aid book (such as Eric Weiss's book)
Sam Splint®
elastic roller bandage (ACE®)
irrigation syringe (or equivalent)
oral rehydration salts
 (electrolytes and glucose gel)
 (or powdered Gatorade)
cotton-tipped applicators (Q-tips®)
antidiarrheal (Immodium® )
hydrocortisone cream USP (1%)
sanitary napkins
ballpoint pen

Printable version of this list.


(LPP suggests carrying at least these items for personal and river safety.)

water purification tablets
personal medications
tampons (women)
$20 bill

AWA laminated emergency cards
prussiks (several)
tubular nylon webbing,
pre-tied with water knot
whistle (on pfd)
rescue pulley

carabineers (including 2 locking ones)
throw rope
compass (if boating away from the road)
spare clothing layers, such as capilene