Loma Prieta Paddlers (LPP) is a whitewater kayaking club, based in the South Bay and beyond.  If you are new to kayaking, new to the area or are just  looking for a group of fellow paddlers; check us out.

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Pool Sessions

Come join us at our weekly pool sessions at the Camden Community Center Pool, near Hwy 85 & 17, in San Jose. We're there every Tuesday evening, rain or shine on Tuesday from 8:00p.m. through 9:30p.m. The pool sessions run from spring through fall, the exact dates depend on our yearly negotiations with the pool operator.

The pool sessions are currently closed for winter 2018-19, but we expect the pool to be starting up again in spring 2019.

Any changes and updates to the pool schedule will be posted on the email list server to all club members. 

Pool sessions are a safe place to concentrate on improving many aspects of boating without having to worry about cold water, current and rocks. Many boaters  use the pool for learning to roll, trying out a new boat or just staying loose between river trips.  It's a chance to meet other club members, plan your next paddling trip and relive last weekend's.   If you've never been in a kayak and are just curious feel free to stop on by.  The pool is also a great place to bring that co-worker, friend or significant other who has been promising to try kayaking, but never quite gotten around to it.

At times In the peak summer months we can have over 20 boats in the pool and in the slower fall and spring 5 to 10 people.  The majority of boats are whitewater kayaks, but we also get the occasional sea kayak and inflatable.

The pool sessions are non-structured, so no official lessons are given, but there are always club members around who are willing to lend a hand, give advice or perform an Eskimo rescue when required.  Afterwards many of us head over to a nearby bar or restaurant for a bite to eat and a drink.

It's a heated outdoor pool and locker rooms are available.  The cost is $12.00 per person. When you arrive you'll need to sign a simple liability waiver (once per season) and drop your $12 in the jar.  Due to those pesky liability issues, the club cannot supply equipment so you'll need to bring your own boat and gear or borrow from someone.

Please make sure your gear and kayaks are clean.   No seal launches from the pool deck.   A lifeguard is on duty and well supervised kids are welcome to come to the pool to try their hand at paddling a kayak.

If you'd like some professional lessons in the pool to work on your technique or just try out a kayak you can contact these instructors:

  • Roger Schumann of Eskape Kayaking. He's happy to setup private or group lessons at our pool sessions on Tuesday nights.  Roger can be reached at
  • Andy Walters of Gold Gate Kayaking is happy to teach private or group lessons for either sea or whitewater kayakers.  Andy can be reached at

Directions to the pool

3369 Union Ave. in San Jose, at the Camden Community Center pool.

Drive in the driveway until a traffic island splits the road and steers you right into the main parking lot. Carry your boat back towards the entrance to the lot, past the Community Center Front Desk building (on your right). Continue under the covered walkway past the restrooms to the pool entrance (fenced gate on right). Restroom/lockers/showers on the opposite end of the pool from the pool entrance.

Camden Pool Map